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"We gotta leave the promise land"

Every time I talk to my parents they like making the assumption that I have a crazy 24/7 sex-life……Ha only if they knew.

That moment when…..

You wake up five minutes before your 9 a.m. class and realize that you are going to be late

then on the way, you remember that you don’t have a 9 a.m. class.

True story!

For once, I do not have a 24 hour paper due

Except I have a 6-10 page paper due Monday.

A representation of my Thursday

"I went looking for heaven but I found space and it was great, back home they thought I’d vanished without a trace but I found space"

It is funny how the things you remember have some type of cosmic significance.  It might be bullshit to some, but I believe that there is always a reason for things to occur. My life has always amounted to a series of these events or acquaintances. Now I am sure….no wait, I know the importance of these events now and how they play into the grand scheme of things.